Attaching your Styl-Panels to mirror or glass surfaces

Attaching your Styl-Panels to mirror or glass surfaces

October 08, 2019

Our advice for attaching your Styl-Panels to wooden, painted or laminate furniture is “stick ‘em on.” It really is that simple. But what about glass and mirror? The process is just as easy, but you want to make sure of these three little steps.

Kmart hack - Styl-Panels to customise Kmart Arch Mirror

IKEA Kallax project: Step 1

Apply sticky strips before painting

IKEA Kallax hack

View of back of Kmart hack panel and taping pattern

Are you planning to paint your Styl-Panels? If so, we recommend using a spray can for best results. From experience, we love Dulux Duramax cans. If you’re aiming to colour match Kmart Australia black mirror frames, Dulux’s Duramax Satin Black is a good choice. Alternatively, you have the option of ordering your Styl-Panel in black foamed PVC - no painting required!

A number of clever Lux Hax customers have turned the tables by painting their mirror frame white. If so, leave your white Styl-Panel as is - no painting required!

Kmart hack - Styl-Panels for Kmart Arch Mirror hack

To account for variation in the mirror frames, your Styl-Panels have been designed with a margin. Even still, some customers have noted that their Styl-Panels are a couple of millimetres bigger than the mirror frame, while others are a couple of millimetres smaller, while others fit perfectly. (The joys of DIY!) If you find that your Styl-Panel overlaps the frame, use sandpaper or a sharp craft knife to reduce the edge. (Cut the panel on a horizontal surface, while being careful not to cut yourself.) If the Styl-Panel leaves a gap, you may discover that it's barely noticeable once the mirror is on the wall. Alternatively, a thin bed of gap filler should do the trick.

Your Styl-Panels come with sticky strips that are designed to adhere your panels to all furniture surfaces, including glass and mirror. With furniture projects, we recommend applying the sticky strips to your Styl-Panels after painting them.

On mirror, however, we recommend applying the sticky strips before painting. Why? Because mirror is reflective. So, you want to ensure that the back of the panel is the same colour as the front. One coat of paint on the back will be enough. (Being the back, it just needs colour—it doesn't have to be perfect.)

Leave the red backing tape in place until you're ready to apply the panel to the mirror. 

IKEA Kallax sideboard project: Step 2

Paint your Styl-Panel (optional)

IKEA Kallax hack

Before you start painting, watch our 3-minute video ‘How to Paint Your Styl-Panels in 3 Easy-Peasy Steps.’ 

The takeaways are:

  • Make sure that you paint the edges. A little paintbrush can help with covering the edges if you find that your spraying action misses them.
  • For best results, use a quality paint brand.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions on the can regarding drying times.

IKEA Kallax sideboard project: Step 3

Clean the mirror/glass surface and then press into place

IKEA Kallax hack

The key to sticking your Styl-Panels to any surface, but especially mirror and glass, is to ensure that the surface is really clean. We recommend buying a bottle of isopropyl alcohol from your local hardware store. It's brilliant for cleaning glass and great to have in the cupboard. It dries with very little residue and does a brilliant job of removing invisible oils.

Kmart hack customer photo

And that’s it! Now gently press your Styl-Panel into place. You’re done! Pour yourself a drink and admire your latest @lux_hax creation. Don’t forget to submit a photo review and tag us online!


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