An IKEA hack for bedroom storage that looks a million miles from flat-pack

What's one thing you'd like to have more of in your home? (Ok, besides Ryan Gosling.) Storage! Am I right? We have bigger homes than ever but we're all short on places to put our "stuff". Well, here's an idea for a quick affordable IKEA hack that's not only functional and versatile, but also stylish.

1. Here's your IKEA shopping list

Your IKEA shopping list


Other things you'll need:

  • 4 x Lux Hax Styl-Panels (in this hack we used Styl-Panel 1121 in pure white foamed PVC)
  • 4 x short screw-in furniture legs. For this project, we used these tapered wooden legs from Bunnings and a set of  furniture attachment plates. You can choose from a mounting plate that gives an angled leg (think Mid-Century Modern) or a vertical leg. 
  • Please read: Most IKEA legs use an M8 (metric 8mm) hangar bolt. To attach, you'll need an M8 mounting plate. Even if your legs are from IKEA, you may still need to use a mounting plate, depending on which furniture you're adding them to. Ranges such as IKEA Kallax have a honeycomb interior and need this additional fastening measure.
    The Bunnings legs we used have a 5/16" hangar bolt and require 5/16" mounting plate. Make sense?
  • Optional: For replacement handles, we used 4 x Button handles in gold. (Or you can use the ones supplied by IKEA with its door inserts).

STEP 1: Assemble the Kallax unit

Follow IKEA's instructions to assemble the Kallax unit and door inserts. If you don't have a cordless drill, I recommend you borrow or buy one, especially if you plan to do more projects like this in the future. 

Luxury hack for IKEA Kallax


STEP 2: Attach the legs

Turn the Kallax unit upside down (on carpet or a soft, protective surface to avoid scratching) and mark where the leg attachment plates will go on the bottom. Give yourself at least an inch margin from the front and back edges so that the plates aren't visible. Now position the plates, screw them in and attach the legs.

Drilling holes in IKEA Kallax for after-market legs


STEP 3: Stick your Styl-Panels to the door fronts

Clean the front of the door inserts with isopropyl alcohol (we supply a cleaning wipe in your packaging) before peeling off the backing and gently sticking on the Styl-Panels. 


STEP 4: Add handles to the doors

IKEA Kallax door inserts comes with cute little silver handles or you can swap them out for different ones. I used Button handles in gold.

Luxury IKEA hacks - Kallax storage unit for the bedroom

STEP 5: Add the doors to the Kallax unit

Fit the doors to their hinges by following IKEA's instructions. Don't forget that the hinges are tune-able. By adjusting the tightness and position of the hinge screws and tuning knob, you can get the door straight and ensure that they open and close properly.

Adjust the hinges to ensure that your Kallax door opens properly


STEP 6: Admire your work!

That was a couple of hours well spent! Now you have a spot for extra storage that's the perfect size for tight spaces AND looks gorgeous. Nobody will guess this lovely-looking cabinet started life as a flat-pack!

Luxury IKEA hacks from Stylkea