Five Mother's Day Gifts for Mums Who Like their IKEA Hacked

Mother’s Day is just a few week’s away (Sunday, 13th May), so chances are your family are starting to think about what to get you. Quick! Before you end up with a bath bomb you have no time to use or yet another pair of fluffy slippers, start dropping hints about what IKEA hacking women really want. Here are a five suggestions.

Set of Long, T-handled Hex Keys

Also known as Allen wrenches, IKEA graciously includes a hex key (usually 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm) every time you buy a flat-pack. The trouble is that they’re so small you can almost be assured of developing Carpal Tunnel syndrome and chipping a nail before the job is done. A set of long, T-handled hex keys will save you sweaty palms, sore wrists and a good deal of time. Expect to pay around AUD$25.

Cordless Power Drill Driver
Every woman should have a savings account and power drill of her own. A cordless drill driver will not only save you time and manicures, it will make you feel like the female version of Jamie Durie (plus or minus Jamie’s stint as an exotic dancer). IKEA sell small electric drivers, but I haven’t heard great things about them. An entry level cordless power drill will eat around AUD$40 into the kids’ pocket money.  


Driving and Drill Bit Sets
Now that you have your own power drill, you’ll need a driving set that includes Philips head, slotted and hex bits in a range of sizes. Tell the kids to make sure that they buy the right size to fit your power drill’s chuck (the clamp that holds the drill/driver bits in place.) You’ll never attach an IKEA door hinge by hand ever again! In fact, you’ll stalk around the house hunting for loose screws to tighten. If the kids can only afford one drill bit, make it a 5 mm (or 3/16 inch), which is perfect for drilling your IKEA door and drawer fronts for handles.

Measuring Tape
I collect tape measures like some women collect cats. I have a couple in the office and kitchen, one in the bedroom (you never know when you might need it) and always one in my handbag. As well as a good eight to 10 metre version, I also like the little three-metre cheapies that you often see hanging on the end of hardware aisles.

Stud Detector with Laser Leveler
Who wouldn’t want a stud detector? (Jamie Durie is still single, you know.) You can find a stud the old fashioned way (no, not you and your B.F.F. dancing around your handbags — I mean by knocking on the plasterboard) or you can employ a nifty device that identifies studs and electrical cabling behind walls and projects a horizontal leveling line for perfect hanging. This is an absolute must for affixing wall-suspended or anchored furniture, such as IKEA’s Besta cabinets.

Here’s happing hacking and D.I.Y. designing to all women, but especially our mothers. You are literally the home makers — and decorators, designers, installers and builders — which is why you deserve a toolbox of your own!

Best wishes, Kylie