Good, Better, BESTÅ: IKEA’s storage superhero

Ostensibly, it’s a three-sided frame that comes in two depths (20 and 40 cm) and three sizes: 60 x 64, 60 x 38 and 60 x 38 cm. Yet this simple design philosophy packs a power-punch. Clever dimensions, a modular approach and the ability to mix-and-match door fronts, gives IKEA’s BESTÅ system a level of versatility that’s Houdini-like. What do you need? TV bench? Dining console? Office storage? BESTÅ is a storage superhero! In this article, we share what we love about BESTÅ and show you how to customize it into the hero piece it deserves to be.

Styl-Panels to suit IKEA's Besta 60 x 64 cabinets

Styl-Panel 1118 to suit IKEA BESTÅ unit 60 x 64 cm

The risk, of course, is that every room could so easily welcome BESTÅ that your home gradually morphs into an IKEA display. Never fear! Beyond versatility, one of BESTÅ’s greatest assets is the fact that it’s a grand assimilator. BESTÅ effortlessly blends in or lends itself to heroic customisation. So, let’s take a closer look at what we ❤️ about BESTÅ.

  • BESTÅ’s modularity means that it can be sized to suit any space. To make the planning process even easier, IKEA provides a BESTÅ planning module on their website. Enter your wall dimensions and the planner allows you to drag and drop elements into place and rearrange them for different configurations.

IKEA BESTA storage planner

  • BESTÅ can be used as floor cabinets sitting on slides or legs or wall-hung as floating cabinets. IKEA thinks of everything—suspension rails, sold separately, make hanging the frames a breeze.

IKEA BESTA floating console

Floating IKEA BESTÅ console with peel-and-stick Styl-Panel 1121 in pure white

  • Then, you have a smorgasboard of IKEA door and drawer fronts to choose from in a range of materials, colours and finishes, including glass and foiled particle board. Some of these include Glassvik, Selsviken and Sindvik. And, of course, you’re now spoiled with even more door options and panels from non-IKEA companies, such as Lux Hax, that are enthusiastic contributors to a burgeoning BESTÅ ecosystem.
  • Lastly, IKEA has provided for the little details that make a big difference. We’ve already mentioned suspension rails. Power cord management is also easily accommodated with generous notches. Optional glass top panels help you protect your cabinets and achieve a high-end finish, while supporting legs and replacement legs in a range of styles and colours, give you the option to enhance BESTÅ’s looks.

    BESTÅ is available in pre-configured kits or you can buy the frames and doors separately to create your own configuration. To use with Lux Hax’s peel-and-stick Styl-Panels suitable for IKEA’s BESTÅ furniture, we suggest Lappviken door/drawer fronts. They start as low as $15 (Australia)/£5 (Great Britain)/$5 (United States) and are the perfect blank canvas for STYLKEA’s range of luxe peel-and-stick Styl-Panels. Or you can buy the frame size + door option of your choice as a unit. Below, we show IKEA’s advertised price for one BESTÅ 60 x 64 frame with Lappviken door in Australia, Great Britain and the United States.

    IKEA Besta 60 x 64 by country

       Information correct as of 12 February, 2018


    Want to make your own IKEA BESTÅ custom project?

    How about a floating dining console like the one below?

    Customise your IKEA Besta console with STYLKEA Styl-Panels

    What you need (with links to IKEA's Australian website):


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     Truly a good, better, BESTÅ storage solution!