9 knobs and handles IKEA hackers will "heart" + where to buy them

We've pulled together a selection of our favourite handles and knobs and paired them with a variety of Styl-Panels to suit different style aesthetics. We believe it will inspire IKEA hackers and DIY-ers alike.

1. Get your geometric rock-on with CB2's sophisticated square knobs with facetted face (AUD$9.94). Pair them with Lux Hax Styl-Panel 1112.
2. For a look that's more feminine-chic, these karat-faceted glass globe pulls with chrome or gold-coloured backing are the perfect size and weight: to complement most dressers. Take a look here.
Handles and drawer pulls for IKEA hacks
3. Nature's perfect shape is found in these brass hexagonal knobs from CB2 (AUD$7.08). They come in four lux-alicious metallic finishes - brushed brass, copper, nickel or matte black. Pair them with Styl-Panel 1115:
Handles and drawer pulls for IKEA hacks
(We're a little bit in love with hex. So is Jonathan Adler.)
Hexagon Styl-Panel 1115 for IKEA hacks and more
4. If you're looking for a glamorous, ethereal effect, consider these amazing transparent oversize glass hexagon knobs (USD$7.59) from House of Antique Hardware:
Handles and drawer pulls for IKEA hacks
5. When it comes to metallic handles, there's nothing like the gravitas of brass. We love with CB2s Circle brass knob (AUD$7.08). It looks especially at home with Styl-Panel 1114.
6. Natural lux is one of the hottest style trends of the minute, a look that combines elements of lux styling with natural materials, particularly wood. Pair these Ollie handles in oak or walnut (AUD$17.95 -$21.95) from Lux Hax with Styl-Panel 1123:
Handles and drawer pulls for IKEA customisation
7. Staying with the natural lux theme, we also adore these 70mm round beech handles (AUD$6.23 from Bunnings) paired with Styl-Panel 1114:
Handles and drawer pulls to customise IKEA cabinets and more
A simple and stunning natural lux renovation for Malm!
Natural lux by Stylkea
8. For an edgier look, these glorious metal discs from Handle House (AUD$6.50-$7.20) will give your Malm dresser or bedside table a sense of drama:
Handles and drawer pulls for IKEA cabinets and more
9. Last but not least, pair these black or silver faceted square pulls from Handle House with Styl-Panel 1111 for classic elegance.
Handles and pulls for IKEA hacks and more
We can't wait to see what you're working on!
Happy hacking! :-)