DIY Project: IKEA KALLAX Sideboard

Take IKEA hacking to the next level with this easy, show-stopping DIY IKEA Kallax sideboard. Anybody can now make their own designer-look furniture pieces for a small fraction of the price you’ll pay in stores. Which means... You can now afford the looks you love!

IKEA hack time! IKEA Kallax credenza or sideboard

Kylie writes: A second lounge room in our home was calling for a sideboard - something chic and a little bit glamorous to make the room feel more formal and  to match our black piano. After shopping around for months, I still couldn't find the right piece so the solution was to take matters into my own hands. As always, I chose IKEA as my starting point, this time using a four-by-one IKEA Kallax cube unit as the basis for the project.

IKEA Kallax project: Step 1

Assemble the IKEA Kallax unit

IKEA Kallax hack

IKEA Kallax project: IKEA shopping list

This whole project takes about three hours from start to finish and the most time-consuming part is assembling the flat-pack - notwithstanding the shopping trip to IKEA!

Follow the instructions supplied by IKEA to assemble the Kallax unit and door inserts.

IKEA Kallax sideboard project: Step 2

Attach after-market furniture legs

IKEA Kallax hack

Once the unit is assembled, you're ready to add legs. Furniture legs are available from hardware stores or specialist online retailers, include eBay dealers.

I selected 'Estelle 480' from Pretty Pegs in Sweden (75 Euros/AUD$120 per set of four legs.) The Estelle 480 is 480 mm long, which is appropriate for a sideboard, credenza, hall table or entryway console. Choose a shorter leg if, for example, you're making a TV bench or record player console.

Pretty Pegs legs come with mounting plates and self-tapping screws. You MUST use mounting plates to attach legs to your Kallax unit (see below.)

IKEA Kallax hack: It is imperative to use mounting plates for leg stability

I positioned the first mounting plate near the corner of the unit and used a cordless drill to push in the screws, then repeated for the remaining three mounting plates.

After screwing the legs into place, Hubby helped me right the furniture onto its fancy new pegs!

IKEA Kallax sideboard project: Step 3

Attach Lux Hax Styl-Panels

IKEA Kallax hack

This project features Styl-Panel 1118 in mirrored gold to suit IKEA Kallax door inserts. Apply adhesive strips (supplied with your order) to the back of each panel and gently press into place.

Shop Styl-Panel kits to suit IKEA Kallax

TIP: IKEA hinges are tunable. Use a screwdriver to adjust each door so that they sit straight and operate freely.

Add Styl-Panels to the front of the IKEA Kallax unit

IKEA Kallax console project: Step 4

Optional: Add handles

IKEA Kallax hack

Some of our Styl-Panel designs obscure the pre-drilled handle hole in the Kallax door insert. To add handles you will need to drill the Styl-Panels. Don't worry - both our aluminium and foamed PVC panels are very easy to drill!

IKEA Kallax sideboard project: add handles

IKEA Kallax sideboard project


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