Kallax + Lux Hax = Elegant Credenza

What happens when you cross IKEA Kallax with Lux Hax? You get a stylish credenza that looks like it cost $1000+ in a designer furniture gallery. Instead, it cost only $300 and took just a couple of hours to make.

Kallax is IKEA's ubiquitous and versatile square storage solution that comes in a range of sizes. This transformation uses the four-compartment version in black-brown (42cm x 147cm), plus four inserts with doors.

The Lux Hax Styl-Panel used in this transformation is Styl-Panel #1118 in GOLD MIRROR. The pattern is based on the quatrefoil (four-lobed flower) motif that's often seen in Moroccan zellige tilework.

The black taper legs with gold bottoms come from Pretty Pegs, a Swedish company that specialises in gorgeous replacement legs for IKEA furniture. For this IKEA hack, we used Estelle 480. (IKEA also make replacement table legs, as do many Australian table leg manufacturers.)


  • Lux Hax Styl-Panel #1118 x 4 = $109.95
  • IKEA Kallax from IKEA = $65
  • IKEA Kallax inserts with doors  = $60
  • Pretty Pegs Estelle legs + postage = $107
  • TOTAL $341.95