DIY Project: Jewellery Display and Storage

No more necklace tangles or widowed earrings! This easy Kmart + IKEA hack will turn your jewellery collection into a display-worthy piece of art, as well as a triumph for home organisation triumph!

If you're anything like me, your jewellery has at times resembled a hideous mess of blingy spaghetti. The necklaces have not just co-mingled, but morphed into conjoined siblings and finding a matching pair of earrings is like picking through a pile of pistachio shells.

Not that I haven’t tried to come up with a solution. One attempt included swapping out my jewellery box for a fishing tackle box. On the upside, the necklaces were segregated from the earrings and bracelets and so on. On the downside, it adds unnecessary dating pressure when your bangles are in the bait compartment and your earrings are labelled 'lures.'

Instead, how about a jewellery organization idea that’s not only cheap and quick to make, but can also pass as art? Here are the details!

Shopping list

STEP 1: Remove the foam padding from the Kmart frame

To allow room for your jewellery, you’ll need to remove the foam padding from the frame. Behind it, you’ll discover a piece of cardboard. I opted to pull that out too, then glued it back into place to ensure that it would hold tight.

Step 1: Remove foam padding

STEP 2: Cut the IKEA cork mat to size

Using the foam pad as your template, trace the outline of the pad onto the cork mat with a pen or marker. Then using a craft knife, cut the cork to size. (Use a cutting mat or newspaper to protect the surface beneath.)

Step 2: Remove foam padding


STEP 3: Glue the cork mat into place

Apply a generous amount of glue to the back of the cork mat ensuring that you cover it entirely, including all the way out to the edges. Now position the mat inside the frame and press it into a place. While the glue is drying, place a book or two on the mat to ensure that it adheres properly and dries flat.  

Step 3: Glue cork mat into place

STEP 4: Hang frame

Once the glue is dry, your frame is ready to hang. The Kmart frame has a hanger on the back and you’ll need to put a hook in the wall to hang it on.

Picture hanging is easy when you have the right tools. If you don't have a stud finder and measuring tape already, ask Santa or borrow one from a friend. My favourite hooks for dry wall (Gyprock) are push-in wire hangers, sometimes called ‘Monkey Hooks.’ No tools are required and they leave such a small hole that it can be rectified with a dab of filler – perfect for renters. 

Step 4: Hang frame

You may find that the frame tends to tilt when you open the door. You could add a second hanger to the back of the frame or, in my case, I used a strip of double-sided tape to anchor the back of the bottom rail of the frame to the wall.

STEP 5: Arrange your jewellery display by using the upholstery pins as anchors

How you curate your jewellery display is totally up to you. I created two frames which are now hanging next to the mirror in my walk-in-wardrobe. They’d also look fabulous on display in a bedroom or bathroom. Where will you put yours?

Step 5: Arrange jewelry

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