Lux Hax customers show us their KILLER IKEA KALLAX HACKS

We’re on a mission at Lux Hax to save you thousands on design furniture and custom cabinetry by helping you customise affordable flat-packs into hero pieces.  Since launching, we’ve seen customers all over the world achieve high-end, tailor-made looks using basic flat pack furniture and Lux Hax Styl-Panels.  

All of the furniture pieces you're about to see started their life as humble, affordable flat-packs that have been elevated to a higher level. And the best bit… None of these IKEA hacks are difficult or time consuming.  This is D.I.Y. home decor for everyone!

 IKEA’s top selling Kallax has a myriad of uses

The IKEA Kallax range is one of the most popular of IKEA’s storage solutions. Its modularity makes it super flexible.  Lay it horizontally for sideboard styling, use a sixteen cube version as a room divider, stand it up for a bookcase or storage unit... The possibilities are endless. The cube design allows you to proudly display your favourite items or, with the addition of doors or boxes, to hide your clutter!  As well as being versatile, Kallax's clean, cubist design makes it a blank canvas ready for elevated styling - Hamptons, Boho Chic, Classic... whatever!

 Keep the IKEA functionality + add your personality

Your storage needs and budget are met by Kallax, but does it suit your interior design scheme?  Lux Hax Styl-Panels are designed to help integrate flat-pack furniture into any number of interior design styles with easy-to-apply customisaion panels that affix to the door-fronts of the IKEA Kallax system. Mirrored panels create a sense of luxury and opulence. White panels on white add elegance and texture - or they can be painted any colour you like.

Customer Photos

‘Affordable Opulence’

Looking for hall table ideas? The sideboard styling on this credenza compliments the mirrored Styl-Panels and the pop of colour is the perfect final touch. IKEA Kallax has been elevated, literally and figuratively, with tapered legs and now makes a statement in this hallway, as well as providing much needed storage. 

Black sideboard with Lux Hax gold mirrored panels.

Browse Now: Lux Hax Styl-Panel Kit 1118 to Suit IKEA Kallax in Mirrored Gold 

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‘Functional Elegance’

Here’s a smart storage idea.  A four-cube Kallax unit, used here as a sofa console, fits perfectly in this Hamptons style living room and eliminates clutter by adding storage to the room.  Two-tone legs are added to lift the shelving and add further detail. 

IKEA Kallax shelving with aftermarket Lux Hax Styl-Panel #1121 in white

Browse Now: Lux Hax Styl-Panel Kit 1121 to Suit IKEA Kallax in Paintable White + Button Handles in Gold

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 ‘Chic Happens’

This IKEA hack takes "hacking" and DIY home decor to a whole new level. This stunning little bar cabinet looks as if it was custom made for this luxurious room. Jasmine says, “The easiest furniture makeover ever and the end result is simply stunning!” 

Lux Hax after market Styl-Panels #1118 on IKEA Kallax shelving

Browse Now: Lux Hax Styl-Panel Kit 1118 to Suit IKEA Kallax in Mirrored Silver

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‘Hollywood Glam’

Can you spot all the IKEA hacks in this fabulous waiting room?  It’s next-level IKEA hacking, done with such thought that the final result is an exciting, sexy, detail-driven space oozing individuality. We love the luxe revamp of this IKEA Kallax four-cube unit into a heroic sideboard, achieved with Lux Hax Styl-Panels and Estelle legs from Pretty Pegs.

Glamourous waiting room with IKEA Kallax sideboard featuring Lux Hax Styl-Panel

Browse Now: Lux Hax Styl-Panel Kit 1118 to Suit IKEA Kallax in Mirrored Gold

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‘White and Oh-So Bright’

Charlotte says, “I am IN LOVE with the result. It’s amazing what you can create when you have a vision in your head!”  This influencer knows her way around an IKEA hack and finished off the project with elegant sideboard styling to achieve her vision. What a beautiful makeover. 

 IKEA Kallax shelf with Lux Hax aftermarket Styl-Panels in white and grey living room

Browse Now: Lux Hax Styl-Panel Kit 1121 to Suit IKEA Kallax in Paintable White

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‘Stairway to Haven’

Wondering what to do with the awkward space under your stairs? If you’re looking for hallway table ideas you can start here. This IKEA Kallax makeover looks so composed and customised, you wouldn’t know it’s D.I.Y. decor. “It’s an easy way to make Kallax look expensive,” says Martina. We love the addition of IKEA LALLE legs, usually black, but here painted silver.

Hallway sideboard from IKEA Kallax shelf with aftermarket Lux Hax Styl-Panels

Browse Now: Lux Hax Styl-Panel Kit 1118 to suit IKEA Kallax in mirrored silver

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Feeling inspired? Try these luxury IKEA hacks yourself.

This small selection of projects show how Lux Hax customers have elevated their flat-pack ‘Plain Janes’ into hero pieces for their bedrooms, hallways and living spaces. Here are two step-by-step project ideas to get you started.

Both of these luxe IKEA hacks can be completed in an afternoon (notwithstanding the time you spend at IKEA!) and will save you hundreds compared with similar pieces in retail stores.  

 IKEA Kallax Mirrored Drinks Cabinet

Drinks cabinet in living space made from IKEA Kallax shelf with aftermarket Lux Hax Styl-Panels

White two-by-two IKEA Kallax unit shelf with Styl-Panel #1118 in mirrored silver

Discover how to make this gorgeous drinks cabinet in time for happy hour:

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 IKEA Kallax Credenza, Hallway Table or Sideboard

Kallax is the furniture system that keeps giving due to its versatility and storage capabilities.  What do you need? Is your sideboard looking tired and dated? Is your hallway ho-hum or filled with clutter?  Is your home office lacking storage and style? Whatever bugbear, this is the furniture makeover for you.

Elevated Black IKEA Kallax shelf with aftermarket Lux Hax Styl-Panels  Black-brown IKEA Kallax unit with Styl-Panel Kit 1118 to Suit IKEA Kallax in Mirrored gold + Estelle legs from Pretty Pegs

Follow the link to one of our all-time favourite IKEA hacks for Kallax:

Sideboard project title

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Whether you’re longing to add 'Golden Era' Hollywood glamour to your bedroom or loving the look of a Hamptons-style living room, Lux Hax has a Styl-Panel to suit.  Shop the full range of Styl-Panels available for IKEA Kallax here: 

Styl-Panel Kits to suit IKEA Kallax