"My expensive-looking IKEA cabinet"

This post comes via Laila Ayoubi and her blog 'Lilzyliz.' She recently made-over an IKEA Besta sideboard, transforming it from a Scandi staple into a luxe, expensive-looking Hamptons hero!

Laila writes:

I paired it with these stick on panels I found from an online store called STYLKEA [now Lux Hax]. These panels are made especially to fit different kinds of IKEA furniture giving it an instant luxurious feel without the heavy price tag.

Laila photographs how the project came together and, with her permission, we've shared the photos below. We recommend that you check out the full post here.


Laila's hubby assembling the IKEA Besta unit. Good man!


Unboxing Styl-Panel 1121 to suit IKEA Besta (Lappviken) 60x64 furniture


Styl-Panel 1121

Sideboard styling 101


Styl-Panel 1121 to suit IKEA Besta furniture

From Scandi staple to Hamptons hero


Styl-Panel 1121 to suit IKEA Besta furniture

"My expensive-looking IKEA cabinet." 

Photos thanks to Laila, aka Lilzylilz. Read the original article at: http://www.lilzylilz.com/2018/11/my-expensive-looking-ikea-cabinet.html


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