Rapid re-styling and making it stick

Rapid re-styling and making it stick

November 10, 2017

One constant about style trends is that they're hard to keep up with. Like right now, one of the hottest trends is tropical luxe. But who knows what next season holds, let alone next year. Our sense of style also changes with us. I'm always experimenting and having fun with different looks - the challenge, of course, is to do it affordably and sustainably.

One of the reasons Ikea is so popular is that its Scandinavian roots are incredibly evergreen. Ikea's most popular designs are timeless and classic, which makes them versatile and adaptable across a wide range of styles. Our aim is to take that adaptability to an even higher level. With Stylkea's help, we see no reason that humble Hemnes or minimalist Malm can't become bonafide heroes!

For example, here's a two-by-two Ikea Kallax that we hacked into a glam drinks cabinet by adding after-market legs and Styl-Panel 1118 in silver-mirror. 

Make this IKEA hack drinks cabinet   

Here's exactly the same piece in different livery having been re-purposed for bedroom storage. The 'Chippendale' panel you see here is Styl-Panel 1121 in our pure white foamed PVC finish and gold Button knob.

Luxury overlay panels for IKEA Kallax hacks

We often get asked if our panels are removable. It's a good question because, you know, kids outgrow nursery furniture, you move house, change rooms or decide to update. The technical answer is "yes", but you may very well take some paint off at the same time and bend the panel. The good news is that Ikea is repaintable or, with systems such as Kallax, replacement doors are readily available.

Here's yet another re-style of the same piece, this time using Styl-Panel 1119 and our (cute-as-a) Button handle.

Luxury IKEA hack using overlay Styl-Panels

We can't wait to see what projects you're working on! Shop Kallax designs now.