Bestå is one of IKEA's top-selling storage systems. We love it because the modular design allows Bestå to star in a variety of applications. Think: media console, sideboard, wall unit, and so on!

Nice to know

IKEA Bestå units can sit on feet/legs or be mounted on the wall. If you plan to wall-hang your Bestå unit, make sure you take advantage of IKEA's suspension rail system.

If your unit is going to sit on feet, please ensure that you secure it to the wall to prevent accidents.

The IKEA Bestå system comes in 2 depths (20 cm and 40 cm) and 3 door sizes:

  • W60 x H64 cm (23 5/8" x 25 1/4")
  • W60 x H38 cm (23 5/8" x 15")
  • W60 x H26 cm (23 5/8" x 10 1/4")

Keep in mind that many of the combination units sold by IKEA involve multiple size doors. 

Speaking of doors... IKEA Bestå comes with a range of matching door options in a variety of colours and textures. Value for money, we recommend pairing our Styl-Panels with IKEA Lappviken doors.

We make Styl-Panels to suit all 3 Bestå door sizes. Our finishes include 3 mm paintable white foamed PVC and 3mm gold/silver mirrored aluminium composite.

Lux Hax is perfectly sized which means perfect results

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Styl-Panels to suit IKEA Besta 60 x 64

Styl-Panels to suite IKEA Besta 60 x 38

Styl-Panels to suit IKEA Besta 60 x 26

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