The IKEA Malm series is a hero in the bedroom. No wonder it’s a global top-seller. As well as being incredibly versatile, Malm’s clean lines make it the perfect blank canvas for customising into different looks. Think: Hamptons, Boho, Classic, even Regency Luxe.

Nice to know about IKEA Malm

IKEA Malm chests come in a range of different drawer combinations. The smallest is a 2-drawer bedside table or nightstand, ranging up to a 6-drawer chest that comes in both a tall and wide option.

IKEA Malm chests

  • IKEA Malm 2-drawer chest: W40 x H55 x D48 cm
  • IKEA Malm 3-drawer chest: W80 x H78 x D48 cm
  • IKEA Malm 4-drawer chest: W80 x H100 x D48 cm
  • IKEA Malm 6-drawer WIDE chest: W160 x H78 x D48 cm
  • IKEA Malm 6-drawer TALL chest: W80 x H123 x D48 cm (two split drawers at the top)
  • IKEA Malm 6-drawer TALL SKINNY chest: W40 x H123 x D48.5 cm

See? As bedroom storage goes, you can’t beat Malm for versatility!

It’s really important to make sure that chests are assembled properly and securely anchored to the wall to prevent tipping. Tipping accidents have resulted in serious or fatal injuries, so this step is not one to skip.

Handles complete the facelift

If you really want to elevate your IKEA Malm chest to a new level, add handles! This will require drilling, but the effort is minor and the transformation is worth it.

When you pair handles with Styl-Panels, nobody will guess that your divine chest started its life as flat-pack furniture.

Our installation page has photo instructions that show you how to drill and add handles. Keep in mind that Malm drawer fronts are thicker than standard cabinets. You may need longer screws to go with your handles.

Handles complete the transformation

IKEA Malm beds

The IKEA Malm series also includes beds. The beds come in standard sizing (single, double/full, queen and king). Something else to love: Malm beds come with the option of rolling under-bed storage drawers. Yes!

We make Styl-Panels to suit all of the IKEA Malm chests, as well as the double/full, queen and king bedheads. Our finishes include 3 mm paintable white foamed PVC and 3mm gold/silver mirrored aluminium composite.

Adhesive is included for your convenience. No tools, no measuring, no mess!

Styl-Panels are perfectly sized for IKEA Malm

Select your IKEA Malm furniture

Styl-Panels to suit IKEA Malm 2-drawer chest
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Styl-Panels to suit IKEA Malm 6-drawers chests
Styl-Panels to suit IKEA Malm 6-drawers TALL chests
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