Need to revamp your hallway? How about that awkward no-man's-land under the stairs? Dining sideboard? Cube storage has never looked so good! Discover how to “hack” IKEA Kallax into the decor looks you love at a price you can afford.

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Styl-Panels to suit IKEA Kallax

This customer has transformed an IKEA Kallax into a Hamptons-inspired dining sideboard.

Kallax is one of IKEA’s most popular storage solutions. And it’s easy to see why. With a little help, it can be "hacked" to look a million dollars.
Sarah Velez hacked this IKEA Kallax unit into a hall table

Sarah V. hacked this IKEA Kallax unit into a hall table.

The quickest way to elevate Kallax (literally!) is the addition of aftermarket furniture legs. By the time you add legs and Styl-Panels, nobody will believe that your furniture started as flat-pack.

IKEA Kallax low hall table

Leonora added Styl-Panels and legs to create a low entry console.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for building your own IKEA Kallax console table. The project shows you how to add legs, plus a handy IKEA shopping list.


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Miss Stone's Home has created an IKEA Kallax storage hutch under her stairs

Miss Stones Home has hacked three Ikea Kallax units into a sophisticated shelving system with lots of storage.

Position your IKEA Kallax unit horizontally to become sideboard or media console, stand it up to be a bookcase or storage cubby, or stack them to fit tricky spaces. Use the 16-cube version as a room divider or storage unit. The possibilities are endless.

Small glamorous cabinet created from an IKEA Kallax unit

Our Styl-Panels to suit IKEA Kallax look like royalty in the UK home of @jasleigh_home_x

IKEA Kallax comes in a range of different sizes and orientations. The smallest is a 4-cube unit that comes in 2 x 2 or 1 x 4. The largest is an epic 25-cube unit that is 5 cubes wide by 5 cubes high. The 2 x 2 Kallax is perfect for transforming into a drinks cabinet.

Nice to know about IKEA Kallax

Choose a Styl-Panel kit to suit the number of doors in your project. Our materials include 3 mm paintable white foamed PVC and 3mm gold/silver mirrored aluminium composite.

Adhesive is included for your convenience. No tools, no measuring, no mess!

Doors or drawers?

IKEA Kallax provides two insert options: doors or drawers. These are purchased from IKEA separately. Our Styl-Panels are designed to suit the IKEA Kallax Door Insert.

IKEA Kallax comes with drawer or door inserts

If you prefer the Drawer Insert, no problem! Our rigid foamed PVC panels can be cut by hand (a sharp craft knife will do the trick) or we would be happy to cut our aluminium panels for you for free.

To get us to do the cutting for you, put the request in your order notes during the checkout process. Let us know how many panels you want cut and in what orientation.

Adding handles

The IKEA Kallax Door Insert and Drawer Insert both come with pre-drilled handle holes and are supplied by IKEA with small silver handles.

Some of our panel designs cover the pre-drilled handle hole. If so, we alert you to this on the product page.

To add handles, you will need to drill the Styl-Panels after applying them. Our aluminium and foamed PVC panels are very easy to drill. See our installation page for photo instructions.

Furniture legs are available from hardware stores or specialist leg sellers. The key is to attach the legs securely. For this, you will need furniture leg plates. They are inexpensive and available from most hardware stores.

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