Read the step-by-step instructions or watch our installation video

Watch the STYLKEA Installation Video


  • For strong adhesion, the contact surface needs to be clean and dry. Start by wiping your furniture with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Dry with a clean cloth or allow to air dry. 
    • Using an erasable pencil, mark where the Styl-Panel will affix to your furniture. (Or, in most cases, you can position the panel by eye.)
    • Apply adhesive to your Styl-Panels. We recommend the double-sided tape we supply or a construction adhesive, such as Selley's Liquid Nails. 
    • With mirrored gold/silver panels, ensure that you work on a soft surface to prevent scratching the panel.
    • If using the double-sided tape we supply, peel away the backing tape, position the Styl-Panel into place and gently press. The bond will be instant. On most surfaces, clamping or taping is not required, so it's important to position the panel correctly the first time.
    • If using a construction glue, work on a flat, horizontal surface. Apply a thin bead of glue to the middle of the fretwork to prevent overrun. Press gently into position and wait for glue to cure before moving.


    • Email us some photos ( and tag us on Instagram (@lux_hax) so that we can admire your work too!


    How to apply adhesive strips to your Styl-Panels

    We supply double-sided permanent adhesive tape for your convenience. The grip is permanent and instant, which means that no tools or clamping is required. Watch the video to see how easy the strips are to use.

    How to attach adhesive strips to your overlay Styl-Panels

    STEP 1: PEEL

    • Peel the adhesive strip, with the red backing film intact, from the clear liner.

      STEP 2: APPLY

      • Apply the sticky side of the strip to the back of your Styl-Panels. (Work on a scratch-free surface.)
      STEP 3: STICK
      • Leave the red backing film in place until you are ready to apply the panel to your furniture.


      Which adhesives work best?

      We tested all sorts of adhesives and selected permanent-strength double-sided tape as the best. The bond is strong and instant. There's no overrun or dripping, no smelly solvents and no mess to clean up.

      If you would prefer to use glue, we suggest that you use a construction adhesive, such as Selley's Liquid Nails, that is specifically designed for your furniture surface. Avoid overrun by applying only a thin bead of glue and by working on a horizontal surface until the glue is set. Always follow the manufacturer's safety instructions. 

      Semi-permanent adhesives do not provide a good enough bond for durable results.


      Our Paint-It-Yourself Guide

      Our foamed PVC panels may be installed as supplied (white/black) or painted with acrylic paint (also known as water-based or latex paint) without the need for primer. Please note that oil-based paint (also known as enamel paint) is NOT suitable.

      Our aluminium composite panels come ready to hang and are not designed to be painted. 

      Watch the three-minute video: How to Paint Your Styl-Panels in 3 Easy Steps...

      How to Paint Your Styl-Panels in 3 Easy Steps 

      Painting Instructions for FPVC Styl-Panels


      • Thoroughly clean the panels to remove any dust or oils (including from your hands and fingers) that might interfere with bonding.
      • Allow to dry.
      • Place the panel on a clean, flat working surface, such as a piece of cardboard. (IKEA packaging works perfectly!)
      • Use only acrylic (water-based) paint.
      • Use a spray can for best results or a small foam roller.
      • There's no need for a primer. 
      • Apply paint lightly. Three to four light coats is better than one to two thick ones.
      • Be careful to cover the edges. 
      • Follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions and drying times.
      • When the paint is fully cured, the panel is ready for installation!

        Can you use chalk paint? Yes, but we recommend using a spray can as tinned chalk paint tends to apply too thickly. We've had great results using Rustoleum's Chalked Ultra Matte spray cans.


        Attaching handles to your furniture

        Swapping handles is one of the easiest ways to update a piece of furniture. But some IKEA pieces, such IKEA's Malm bedroom storage range, don't come with handles. In those instances, here's how to mark, measure, drill and attach handles to your furniture. You can view the full tutorial here.

        How to add handles to your cabinet

        How to add handles to a cabinet

        How to add a handle to your cabinets


        Drilling your Styl-Panels

        Some of our Styl-Panel designs obscure the pre-drilled handle hole in the furniture door/drawer front - see product descriptions for details. But don't let that stop you adding a handle. Our Styl-Panels (metal and foamed PVC) are very easy to drill after application.

        After sticking the Styl-Panel to the door/drawer front, use an electric drill and correctly sized drill bit (usually 3/16"), to drill through the Styl-Panel from the back of door using the existing handle hole. Use a steady amount of pressure - the panels are only 3 mm thick and do not take much effort to penetrate.

        The trick is to make a stable "sawhorse" from items you have around the house - stack of books or stools etc. Make sure you create a soft surface with towels or newspaper etc. to protect the Styl-Panel from getting scratched.

        How to drill your Styl-Panels


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