Our Styl-Panels come in two material options: 
  • Foamed PVC (FPVC)
  • Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP)

They are not stickers, stencils or decals. Both materials are 3 millimetres thick and rigidlight, yet strong and durable. 

Paintable White Foamed PVC

Our FPVC Styl-Panels are white and designed to pair with white IKEA furniture, such as IKEA Malm, Besta and Kallax, without painting.

The customer photo below shows our FPVC panels in their unpainted, "natural" state.


Example of white foamed PVC panels


If you prefer, you can paint our FPVC panels. Painting them is quick and easy with spray paint ("rattle can") or acrylic paint applied with a brush or roller. See our Installation Page for instructions.

The FPVC panels below have been painted antique grey.


Foamed PVC panels that have been painted


Mirrored Aluminium Composite (Metal)

Our aluminium composite Styl-Panels are designed for professional use. The edges are deburred, however, some sharp edges may remain. Experience working with metal components is recommended. When you order our metal panels, you take responsibility for handling and installing them safely.


Silver Aluminium Styl-Panels


Our aluminium composite panels have a dark grey polyethylene core with a white reverse side. The front surface comes in mirrored silver or mirrored gold.

 Mirrored Gold Aluminium Styl-Panels


Handle aluminium panels carefully to avoid denting or scratching. Work on a soft surface (eg. a towel or carpet) while applying adhesive. 

Attaching your Styl-Panels

We supply permanent adhesive tape for your convenience. It can be used on painted, laminate and glass/mirror surfaces. The grip is permanent and instant, which means that no tools or clamping is required. See How To Install for detailed instructions.


Installing your Styl-Panels


Professionals may prefer to use a construction adhesive, such as Selleys Liquid Nails. You will find instructions for using different adhesive methods on the installation page.

More questions?

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