Kylie Hughes, founder and owner of Stylkea Australia

 When I was renovating my home, I spent hours looking through glossy magazines and design websites searching for ways to get the same designer looks on a budget.

In the process, I kept being drawn to IKEA. The thing was that I didn’t want my home looking like a clone of the IKEA catalogue!

And that’s how the idea for Lux Hax got started. With my husband's help, I began designing overlay panels that help to achieve bespoke, designer looks on a flat-pack budget.

Customise IKEA furniture


Luxury looks at flat-pack prices

Our after-market Styl-Panels are designed to perfectly fit and effortlessly customise popular flat-pack pieces, including IKEA's Malm, Kallax and Besta furniture - and more.

There's also a free-size range to add embellishment to virtually any piece of furniture.

Did we mention that no measuring is required? You literally peel off the adhesive backing and press them on.

When you combine our peel-and-stick panels with after-market handles, legs or feet, you literally have thousands of unique combinations to choose from. Your imagination is the limit.

What are our values?

D.I.Y. for Women: We want to see more and more women doing it for themselves. Whether that's creating furniture or living empowered, fulfilling lives.

Creativity: Why be a consumer when you can be a co-creator in the furniture design process?

Sustainability: We're crazy about up-cycling and repurposing and transformations that give new life and luxury to furniture that might have been destined for landfill.

What will your next project be? We can't wait to see!

Our products are proudly designed and manufactured on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.